Resolve: verb:  1.  settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).  2. decide firmly on a course of action.  noun.  1.  firm determination to do something.

For years I have mulled over the idea of creating a space in which I share my passions, interests, dreams, thoughts and feelings…maybe even provide a bit of inspiration.  I’ve probably made this a New Year’s Resolution five or six times by now, so I’m patting myself on the back for finally getting this blog started.  I kept putting it off for fear of not getting it right.  What if the content isn’t original?  What if it comes off as contrived? What if I pigeon-hole myself?  I realized that all of that doesn’t really matter, as long as the blog is personal.  I also realized that New Year’s Resolutions don’t really work for me unless I am held accountable in some way.  This blog serves that purpose as well.

With that said, welcome to Votre Voisine!  Who am I?  I’m your gal next door, your friend, YOUR NEIGHBOR.  So, come on in and get cozy as I share little tidbits of my life with you.

xx, K



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